Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping With Hilda ~ From Hilda's Scrapbook

Awake I have worried, fussed, fumed and planned.
Asleep, I have sought over sea and  land.
Wherever I went, when I told them the price,
Clerks would smile, show sympathy and try to be nice.

I have been at the Wasatch, The Progress, and Squires
I have looked at all things a human admires.
At Gunderson's, at Biddle's and over at Pete's, too,
I asked to see their goods, both old and new.

I went to Penney's and then to the Sanpete.
I am quite sure I visited all places on Main Street.
I roamed North and South, and up and down,
Almost decided to go to some other town.

At last discouraged and in despair,
I searched mail order catalogs from everywhere.
But whenever I saw an article I thought would do,
I found that aft their price, there was Uncle Sam's postage too.

I have seen radios, automobiles, blankets and mitts,
But darned if I could find anything for only two bits.
Today I decided on this present  plain and queer.
Here is wishing yo a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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