Saturday, July 18, 2009

SMALL TOWN MEN - - - by Virginia Scott Miner (found in Hilda's scrapbook)

It takes big men to deal with little towns
And not themselves grow smaller year by year;
To stand the endless flick of envious tongues,
Nor mind too much. To see the reason clear--
The aching need for power or for love;
the bitter emptiness of those who fear
The slipping decades; and slow week by week,
The gentle, awful patience of the meek.
Who know they bear within them some great lack
Of vigor to attack or yet hit back.
Yet one who truly knows his town will find
It's people not more cruel than they're kind.
He'll see the shining goodness - - - all the care
They give the sick or needy neighbor there;
He'll see the washerwoman's younger son
Out playing with the banker's. They are one.
Small-town folks, that if folks be clean
And pay their bill, they'll wait till it be seen
Which has the better boy.
But he who does not truly know will see
Only the smallness and the snobbery,
And slowly with the years he will become
The thing he sees - - - the essence of the sum.

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